Which Essential Skills are Key for My Child’s Success?

The term ‘essential skills’ often gets thrown around within parenting talk, often concerning motor skills, communication skills, intellectual skills, and of course, academic skills, which takes center stage when referring to skills children should possess. We at Joyous take a more holistic approach to defining and teaching essential skills. Our measurement of success goes beyond the classroom, and into the day-to-day activities of every child, such as speaking with their grandparents, sharing their toys, cleaning up after themselves and forming judgements.  
Here is our take on essential skills each child should be taught to progress towards a successful tomorrow: 

Intrapersonal Skills

These sets of skills allow your child to understand their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors which in turn helps them to connect with others. A child with strong intrapersonal skills would be able to express themselves effectively, understand their emotional triggers and develop resilience.  

Interpersonal Skills

Intrapersonal skills work hand-in-hand with interpersonal skills in helping your child interact with others. Effective communication, empathy, cooperation are just some of the skills your child needs to form meaningful relationships whether when developing new friendships, interacting with adults or family members.  

Independent Living Skills

Your child’s day-to-day activities require an increase of independence, whether it is maintaining personal hygiene, organizing their belongings, or performing basic household chores. Independent living skills will allow your child to transition into adulthood seamlessly, especially in managing procrastination and cultivating responsibility.  

Intellectual Skills

Critical thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity make up a large part of intellectual skills which are critical for a lifetime of holistic learning. Apart from academic activities, these skills serve children in overcoming challenges, formulating decisions and choices as well as tapping into under-realized talents.

Academic Skills

When academic skills are taught to a child, a crucial mark of success is nurturing the genuine love for learning. This is an invaluable component in building strong academic skills which will support them into adulthood. Beyond grades, academic excellence is measured through critical thinking abilities, effective study habits, and having a curiosity for acquiring more knowledge.  
These skills we have just explored are learned over time and over multi-faceted experiences. It is key to take note of your child’s overall development of each skill, incorporating lessons in their daily activities and actively engaging them into honing each skill. 
Where Do I Find Programs to Equip My Child?
Joyous designs every of our program using the 5S Education Framework. This unique approach forms the foundation of our skills programs which equip children with the tools they need to face the challenges of today and the future.
Our Skill School Programs include: 
With Joyous, your child will be empowered with the essential skills they need to live life confidently, and joyfully!
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