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A dynamic educational initiative originated in the United States, crafted to provide children aged 5 to 8 with a robust platform for thriving in the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). Originating from the innovative Playnovate curriculum, our program serves as the essential building blocks to help children not only understand but innovate in our increasingly complex world.

Unleashing Potential through STEAM Exploration

Individualized intervention plans catered to younger children with special learning needs for mastering age-appropriate self-help skills (dressing, feeding, toileting training) and basic pre-academic skills (pre-writing, class participation).”

Curriculum development
process design

Curriculum development process design

How It Works:

1. Building Blocks of Understanding:

Each lesson serves as a crucial building block, unravelling the complexities of the world and highlighting the interrelationships within STEAM.

Key design elements in the Playnovate curriculum include:

  • Inquiry-based learning to develop 21st Century skills
  • Constructing models and prototypes
  • Crafting evidence-based solutions
  • Embracing persistence and learning from failure
  • Assessing the implications of solutions
  • Fostering effective teamwork
  • Clear communication skills development
2. Learning Like Innovators:

Children are encouraged to explore and discover as problem-solvers, understanding issues within a contextual framework.

Our approach empowers them to:

  • Envision multiple solutions
  • Innovate processes, methods, and designs
  • Utilize systems thinking
  • Apply the STEAM framework to real-world problem-solving


3. Design Thinking Perspective:

Our lessons emphasize a design thinking perspective, enabling children to approach challenges with creativity, empathy, and practicality.

4. Developmentally Aligned Lessons:

Lessons are meticulously designed, considering developmental age levels. We anchor our curriculum to the latest neuroscience research, ensuring an educational experience that aligns with how young minds think and learn.

5. Acknowledging Uniqueness:

Each student is celebrated for their unique abilities, knowledge, and challenges. Our program is tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring that every child can thrive in their own way.

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Join us at Joyous STEAM Program, where we nurture the innovators, scientists, engineers, designers, and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Together, let’s embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and a deep understanding of the interconnected world of STEAM.

The Program

Age Level 

Lessons Objective 

Program Highlight 

Lesson Duration 

Level 1: 4-5 years old 

Cultivate STEAM interests and stimulate curiosity in respective subjects 

  • Hands-on experiments and activities 
  • Daily-life application 
  • Comprehend global issues through multiple perspectives 
  • 21st century skills development 

16 lessons per level 

1.5 hours 

Once a week 

Level 2: 6-7 years old 

Building concepts and knowledge in respective subjects 

Level 3: 7-8 years old 

Connect knowledge built to the real-world context and brainstorm for innovative solutions  















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