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Little Tauke Program

As a conscious effort to provide holistic skill training to primary school students, the Joyous Skill School team now offers Little Tauke Programs to educate young minds in financial literacy. Little Tauke is a unique program designed to help young ones build healthy money concepts and long-lasting positive financial habits.

The Program

1. Know Your Money Workshop

Introduce the importance and value of money, how to manage money well, and becoming a money master. By combining storytelling elements with challenges and activities, your child understands the fundamental principles of money.

2. Camp Millionaire Kids – Money & Wealth

Incorporates the best of learn-through-play where children between the ages of 6 to 11 years old learn through experiential learning. Games, group work, and personal growth are incorporated into two days of discovering finances and developing positive money habits.

Curriculum development process design

3. Camp Millionaire Kids – Me and Mindful Spending
Empowers children with vital financial insights. Participants delve into managing debts, understanding credit card intricacies, and exploring the dynamics of interest. The module fosters a mindset beyond materialism, cultivating contentment and gratitude. It equips children with practical financial knowledge and encourages wise choices for their financial journey.  
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