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Seasonal Program for International Students

Catering to the ongoing demand for mastering a secondary language (i.e., English) and building greater resilience among students, the Seasonal Program for International students offers a set of programs that intensively expose students to practical English usage and social-emotional learning. Recognizing the need for customized learning, the personalized learning philosophy in Joyous applies to this program as well. Children are guided to learn at their own pace and through a variety of methods, gaining broader exposure to learning topics.

The Program

1. Comprehensive English Curriculum
With its goals of helping children achieve the ability to speak, read, master grammar, comprehend, and write in English, the program uses innovative methods to increase proficiency, such as flashcards, storytelling, songs, games, and more.
Curriculum development process design

2. Social Emotional Learning
Designed to empower students for academic and personal success, the program intentionally cultivates self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision-making.  
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