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At Joyous Skill School, our team of education experts has designed a unique ‘5S Learning Model’ to ensure children excel not only in academics but also in crucial life skills. This innovative after-school program seamlessly integrates academic subjects with personalized skill-based learning, offering comprehensive support in academic coaching, homework assistance, and access to various integrated programs, including STEAM, financial literacy, and social-emotional learning. Our primary goal is to equip your child with essential skills, fostering their understanding and growth into independent and discerning adults

The Program


1. Academic Coaching

Each lesson serves as a crucial building block, unravelling the complexities of the world and highlighting the interrelationships within STEAM.

2. STEAM Program

The weekly sessions integrated science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics for holistic learning.

Curriculum development process design


3. Financial Literacy

Using Little Tauke’s unique financial literacy coaching method, Joyous coaches students on spending habits, concepts on money and how they can build financial health at this tender age. 

4. Social Emotion Learning

To help with improving children’s independence, acquire problem-solving skills, and identify individual life purpose, the Skill School coaches children on areas such as relationships, self-awareness, decision-making, social awareness and more.

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