Numbers Playbook Series

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Product Specification:

✅  100% Original Content Designed by Experienced Educators

✅Materials: Laminated Paper, Gloss Card, Velcro, Metal Rings

✅Playbook Size: A4 size


This series consists of 4 theme sets:

Playbook #1: 【Telling Time Set
You will get: a clock-game card, telling-time task cards and worksheets.

The concept of time may be too abstract for children to understand as their cognitive development is not as matured as adults. This kid-friendly playbook is specially designed for your kids to understand the ways to tell the time in a fun way.

Other than that, they will learn how to differentiate the hour hand and minute hand. The pull-and-stick method in these playbooks are also a vital element in child development, other than helping with their fine motor skills, it can also increase their memory skills!




Playbook #2: 【Calendar Set】

You will get: calendar cards with different elementals such as, date, year, feelings, weather, weeks and months. Practice sheets provided are for example: for “today”, “tomorrow” and “yesterday” revisions.

With this calendar set, you may play with your kids and teach them how to understand 7 days in a week, the 12 months, weather types and learn to express their feelings, it can be really fun and interesting!




Playbook #3: 【Counting Set】

You will get: counting sheets, counting cards, more than /less than play-cards, bingo number mats, worksheets.

Does your child tend to skip or mix up the numbers when counting? This playbook enables the children to remember the sequence of numbers and differentiate the greater or smaller numbers as these are the basic skills for additions and subtractions.

If they find it difficult or too much of a challenge to master the basic counting skills, it may reduce their interest in taking up any further mathematical instances or challenges.




Playbook #4: 【Addition and Subtraction Set】

You will get: line cards, addition & subtraction cards, bond cards, game cards, addition and subtraction worksheets (13 pages included) and blank question boards.

Our aim is to get the children excited and happy with numbers since it is already a challenge being in school and learning many new things. Without an interest in numbers, it may be difficult for children to learn problem solving skills and math equations. Without forcing them to learn math, we try to make learning joyful with these playbooks.




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