Camp Millionaire + Financial Parenting Workshop (Combo Package)


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Why Teach Financial Literacy Education to kids and teens?

Because if you’re like most adults, you weren’t taught about money at home or in school.
Right now, Your Child Has The Chance To Be in This Revolutionary Financial Fun Program:

Camp Millionaire gives kids the financial education foundation they need to meet and exceed their financial goals when they grow up.



Whatever happens, we have two fundamental choices: play it safe or play it smart by preparing, getting educated and awakening your own and your children’s financial genius. Are you ready to prepare, learn, and play it smart?

Your Child Will Learn How To :

  • Be the Master of Principles of Money and Wealth Creation
  • Think Positively About Money
  • Make, Manage, Multiply, and Donate Money Wisely
  • Pay Yourself First
  • Make Money Grow by Putting It To Work for You
  • Think Like, Act Like a Person who values Financial Freedom over stuff
  • Budget Their Income for Saving, Spending, and most importantly, Investing
  • Invest The Energy of Money Wisely
  • Save Early, Save Often and Invest Wisely
  • Acquire the Critical Financial Habits, Beliefs, Information, Principles, and Concepts They Need to Grow into Financially Responsible Adults
  • Work for a Salary, Get Paid, Pay Their Expenses, Learn How to Buy Assets, and Earn Passive Income
  • Use Money To Give Back and Help Their Communities

Learning Outcome

  • Strengthen the Appreciation Value of Money
  • Strengthen Students’ Confidence in their Ability to Take Control of Their Own Lives Physically, Emotionally, and Financially
  • Create More Competent, Confident, Independent and Adaptable Adults who are able to work through their fears, evaluate problems, identify solutions, and opportunities to make reasoned life choices
  • Reinforce the Idea that People Always Have A Choice
  • Encourage participants to take responsibility for their own financial future



The Financial Parenting Workshop is back to guide and give parents support in coaching themselves and their children to be more financially savvy and learn how to achieve financial freedom by having the first million.




If you\’d like to learn these money skills:
1. How to avoid the three most common financial traps, which affect almost every working adult in Asia. With increasing interest rates, you would like to know to clear some of your mortgages and start to build your first million.
2. How to accumulate wealth using proven strategies, getting to know risk v reward better without the fear of market volatility, or economic downturn, ever.
3. The money habitudes and principles I used, allows me to have a better lifestyle, work less with more tax-free income, and to do the things I am most passionate about – Free traveling gardening and coaching the next millionaire.


Ernest Tan, Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids and build his first million from
zero will show you the must-learn financial knowledge that will make a significant
change in your life and children\’s future.


If you had never attended any of his training before, you wouldn’t want to miss his fun, entertaining and engaging training.
He will share with you the proven financial practices and strategies that he has learned from many mentors that have made him a millionaire from zero that giving him the freedom to choose what he loves to do – coaching the next millionaire.

Love Your Money and Money will Love YOU.

Take care of your Money, and Money will take care of You too!