We Build Children's Future
Through Skill-Based Learning

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offers a seamless learning experience that helps children succeed and be happy in life.

We offer parents instantaneous result by measuring children’s development using our unique assessments while offering personalised skill-based learning solutions that are best suit for your child’s needs.

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Every Child Is Unique. They deserve the opportunity to discover their hidden potential, explore their deepest talents, strength, ambitions and dreams. We work together with community to grow their talents through ways that are unique to them and help them succeed in their own way!

Do You Know

What are the Rising Issues in the Community?

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Exam-focused learning

Children are encouraged to focus on their academics and pass their exam with flying colours. However, this method neglects other vital socio- emotional and functional developments that are crucial for their growth.

Overwhelmed Parent

Busy parents endlessly wonder on how to ensure their children grow up healthy, educated, compassionate, filial, sociable, financially literate and – most importantly – happy.

Inequality in Education

Educating the special-need individuals is an issue tend to be ignored. In fact, if given fair opportunity to learn and be guided, everyone including them can contribute to the society.

We are here to make it RIGHT

Maximising Children’s Potential, Through Personalised Skill-Based Learning and Seamless Education Journey

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With the accompaniment of experts in early childhood education and well-trained therapists, we are well-equipped to bring forth the true potential of children entrusted to our care.

Our specialties:

  1. Integrating academics with skill-based learning that is play-oriented.
  2. Providing personalised learning sessions with our unique age-appropriateassessments and learning solutions that best suit your child’s needs.
  3. Establishing a healthy parent-child relationship.
  4. Create inclusive learning environment, where typical children and special needschildren get to learn in an equal environment without discrimination and labelling.
  5. Holding skill-based learning workshops and camps where all parties can interact with topics that include financial literacy skills and parenting methods.
  6. Innovative skill-based educational products that enhance learning experience.

What Makes Our Learning Unique?

Emphasizing what we believe to be vital development and humanistic skills, our unique 3S Learning Model identifies and develops:

Living Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Thinking Skills

Studies have shown that early development of these skills in a child have a positive and significant impact on their future ability for inter and intrapersonal communication, academic performance, employment and ability to deal with setbacks and challenges.

At Joyous,
The Sky Is The Limit

Our Brands

Kickstart the holistic Integrated academic development of your child with the power of "Play".

15Mths - 3Yrs Old

Integrated academic development of your with skill-based learning, nurture your child with personalised education.

4 - 6 Yrs Old

Individualised learning plan and pathway that is personalised to your child’s special learning needs.

3 - 12 Yrs Old

Through our fun and interactive Financial Literacy Program, train your child to be Money-Masters who are financially successful.

7 - 12 Yrs Old

What Our Happy Parents Say?

Highly recommended!!
Teachers are the best early childhood educator that I have met. Two of my sons are enrolled there. My elder son improved and had become independent. He also improved in his social interactions with his friends and even with adults. He joined since 2years old.

KY KHOO Johor Bahru

Highly recommended to parents who are working and need trustworthy infant care center to take care of their babies. Teachers are responsible, friendly, helpful and affectionate with kids. My baby is 7 months old and he adapts to the environment fast with helps of 2 teachers. Not only babysitting, teachers help my boy to develop social skills, sensory skills and motor skills too.

One more point to highlight is they are using an app which updates baby's activities in real time. It puts parents at ease and baby is happy developing there too!

Sin Yee

Sin Yee

My son who used to love spending money now has totally changed... he now understands about money and start saving and making money after joining this programme.. now he is very active in doing online business even though he is only 11. I'm very proud of him because he can save and earn money almost every day!

He got the notions about money since joining Little Tauke.. and now, he is always looking forward to seeing a session.. he really enjoys in the class.. I reckon, all children should be taught this brilliant concept for their future benefits.



You guys have been doing great because of high quality teachers.

Dr Pramila

Dr Pramila

I am your No.1 fans! Love your playbook so much, thankful for your effort and educational information.

Anny Full

Anny Full

I appreciate the unique financial knowledge solution Little Tauke offers to the parents and kids. I let my child try the free workshop recently and the engagement between the teacher and kids is good.

Jenna Jolysa

Jenna Jolysa

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