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About Joyous Education Group

Joyous is an education technology organization. Our line of business supports the growth of children from ages 0 to 12. As a part of our mission, we aim to provide growth opportunities to children with various development levels.

Our services to the public include

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It is the heartbeat and DNA of Joyous to bring holistic education that builds future leaders in a wholesome and seamless learning environment.


To become the leading, world-class Edtech company in Asia by leveraging the community to discover and maximize every child’s hidden potential.


To provide high-quality and personalized education solutions for a 100 million families.

The Business Partner Program

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With strong financial backing from renowned investment organisations, Joyous will continue to expand its services to multiple districts in Johor, Kuala Lumpur, other states of Malaysia, and even Singapore within 2023.

Joyous' Strength

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Joyous' Achievement

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Why invest in us?

You sow into the lives of our future leaders
You are able to multiply your investment within 5 years
You are partnering with an education technology company that has a proven-successful education business model
You invest, we manage.

You should be a business partner if:

How should you begin?

Start your journey by reading the 2023 Snapshot. Fill up the form below to kick start your journey.

Alternately, you can also reach us via

蔡静航 | +6012 356 6944 

Ian Khoo | +6017 754 9420

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