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Professional Diploma in Special Education

The Professional Diploma in Special Education, jointly developed with Joyous Education, validated by Jesselton University College (MQA Accredited) & Learning Resource Network (UK), offers a comprehensive 16-month program. Designed for educators seeking specialized skills to meet the diverse needs of learners with disabilities. it encompasses theory and practical training within Joyous Preschools. Ideal applicants include educators, therapists, and individuals passionate about inclusive education. 
This program equips participants with cutting-edge methodologies, tailored interventions, and assessment techniques crucial for addressing diverse learning needs. Graduates emerge adept in fostering inclusive environments, supporting students with disabilities, and collaborating effectively with stakeholders. 

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UBAxJoyous: Professional Diploma in Special Education

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Empowering Every Child: Joyous Education Group and UBA Join Forces to Launch Professional Diploma in Special Education

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Universal Business Academy (Facebook): Our Professional Diploma in Special Education is more than just a certification; it's a lifeline for educators ready to make a lasting impact!

The Program


16 months
(2 months of ESOL, 12 months of theory, 2 months of practical training)  

Mode of learning:
  • Blended (Virtual/ online classroom and practical)
Admission requirements:
  • Age 21 and above
  • Completed SPM with 2 years of working experience 

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